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Brass Flat Bar

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Product Description

Brass is used for decoration for its bright gold-like appearance. Common uses for brass flat bar are in industrial applications involving fabrication works, it is used widely for decorative purposes when polished because of its smooth, shiny gold-like appearance.. Brasses are copper zinc alloys with a wide range of engineering uses. The addition of zinc to copper raises the strength and gives a range of properties, and the brasses are a very versatile range of materials. They are used for their strength, corrosion resistance, appearance and colour, and ease of working and joining. The single phase alpha brasses, containing up to about 37% zinc, are very ductile and easy to cold work, weld and braze.

This brass flat bar product is Alloy C38010, it can be supplied at standard sizes as listed below or we can cut to your desired length at a minimum charge.  Just fill in the Custom Cut section.

We will let you know when your order will be delivered or ready for pick-up from our store.



Additional Information

Flat Bar Size

9.53 X 3.18mm, 12.7 X 3.18mm, 19.05 X 3.18mm, 25.4 X 3.18mm, 25.4 X 4.76mm, 25.4 X 6.35mm, 25.4 X 9.53mm, 31.75 X 3.18mm, 31.75 X 9.53mm, 38.1 X 3.18mm, 38.1 X 6.35mm, 38.1 X 9.53mm, 38.1 X 12.7mm, 38.1 X 19.05mm, 50.8 X 3.18mm, 50.8 X 6.35mm, 50.8 X 9.53mm, 76.2 X 6.35mm, 101.6 X 3.18mm, 101.6 x 6.35mm, 101.6 x 9.53mm


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