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Galvanised Steel Corner Guards 3mm Thick

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Product Description

Alltrade galvanised steel corner guards are designed for areas that are unprotected or that have already been damaged.  The speed and ease of fixing make it the ideal choice, avoiding the necessity for expensive renovation work.  Glue on or Screw Fix. If screw fix corner guard is required please let us know and we will provide holes. Corner guards are usually 90 degrees, if you want yours any other angle please inform us and we will make it whichever angle you require.

This galvanised steel corner guard product can be supplied at standard sizes as listed below or we can cut to your desired length at a minimum charge, just fill in the Custom Cut section. The material we use on our corner guards is grade 385.
We will let you know when your order will be delivered or ready for pick-up from our store.



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